A new website

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Over the last few weeks I have been busy with my own humble business innovation: I have renewed my website. It has a more modern look and feel, with up to date content more in alignment with where my focus is right now.
It is funny to see how even in a mini-innovation process like this one, you come across the same elements as in the bigger challenges that my clients face.
In my Inspiration phase I thought and talked mostly about the question: where do I want to be five years from now, what type of company do I want to run, which clients would I prefer to work for?
During the Ideation and Validation phase I shared my ideas with the content writer and designer/web builder. In iteration with them, and my husband, my ideas became sharper, my choices more crystallised and my goal much more precise. The Effectuation phase was, in my case, a piece of cake: a single press of a button and the website was live. A small business has its advantages.
More aspects of my QreaCom approach popped up. I have already mentioned the cooperation with (network)partners, but more than that, thinking from the client’s point of view (i.e. the visitor to the website) was a remarkable similarity. Of course, I wrote about what I really want to tell the reader, how I want to present myself, what I think is important. But at the same time, for every page, every sentence, every illustration, I asked myself: will the recipient understand this, is this the information he is looking for, does it provide answers to his questions?
I hope that I have succeeded in my purpose, and I look forward to your reactions.