QreaCom was founded in 1993 by Marie Louise Leistikow. Marie Louise and QreaCom are still virtually interchangeable: she is the company’s warm beating heart. But whenever possible or necessary, Marie Louise (net)works together with other professionals world-wide.



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  • Marie Louise Leistikow
    Marie Louise Leistikow Innovation designer

    Marie Louise Leistikow is an experience facilitator with a seasoned passion for innovation and synergy. She founded QreaCom in 1993 and she was trained by Dr. Edward de Bono as a Master Trainer in his thinking methods. As a Master Trainer, Marie Louise is authorised to certify others. Inspired by her experiences during her work, she gradually developed her own approach for Meaningful Innovation and Meaningful Meetings.

    Marie Louise works at all levels in a company or organisation: from employee to CEO. She knows what is going on at the various levels, has excellent social skills, a big heart and is fluent in both Dutch and English. She manages to inspire people and make them work together in a respectful manner. Her skills make it possible for her to work for companies, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. In addition, Marie Louise is a online trainer and a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and conventions.

When asked to describe what motivates her, Marie Louise answers: ‘With all the processes I initiate with companies and all the coaching sessions I organise for managers, there is one all-encompassing goal: to make this world a better place. Because, trust me, that is no luxury, but an challenging necessity.’