Holiday: figuratively creating space

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Although the weather is more reminiscent of autumn, summer has arrived at last. This is usually a slow period for me work-wise. Time to take a holiday, time to take a break from the daily routine.

Usually I physically distance myself. I fly or drive to another country; a different environment, different food, different people and – more importantly – different weather! This year, I am doing things differently. This year, I am distancing myself figuratively. I am not travelling. I am staying close to our lovely home in Wilp. If only to see how the rabbits in the garden grow up.

Instead of going away on holiday to Another Country, I am treating myself to time and space this year and will use them to further develop my services. It has been already nearly twenty years since I took my first training with Edward de Bono and shortly after, set up QreaCom. Of course, in the years in between I have taken regular refresher courses to keep my (theoretical) knowledge up to date and naturally my experience has grown, but I feel driven to take the next step, to get even more to the bottom of things.

Where this will me take me, I don’t know. My aim is always for a better product and better services but, in contrast to previous holidays, the exact destination of my travels is unknown this time. The one thing that remains unchanged is the pleasure of the trip itself. I look forward to new, intellectual vistas and discoveries that I will undoubtedly come across on the way. When I am ‘home again’, I will tell you all about it.

Happy holidays!