Meaningful innovation

Create value for your client, your organisation,
your eco-system and society and save time
and frustration with a firm grip on innovation

Meaningful Innovation

Innovations that go further than just the optimisation of work and production processes. Innovations that create value for the client, the organisation, the eco-system and society. This is the result that is brought closer with QreaCom’s Meaningful Innovation.


Are you an (innovation) manager and do you want to brainstorm about how you can take innovation in your organisation to the next level? Then Marie Louise Leistikow– with more than 23 years of experience in this field – is the inspiring coach that you need.


QreaCom facilitates think tanks, meetings and customer advisory boards. With her enthusiasm and expertise, Marie Louise Leistikow guides innovations from the world of ideas to operational reality, thus creating products and services that really make a difference.


Leading a team or organisation these days demands ingenuity, original thinking and a focus on the social and (inter)human component. QreaCom offers training sessions that promote these issues, in the Netherlands and abroad, and in both Dutch and English.


All over the world, QreaCom helps people create value, save time and avoid frustration by offering them a firm grip on the ‘who-what-where-why-and-how’ of the innovation process.