Trust your team

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The economy has headed into stormy weather and, needless to say, this also affects my clients. They are faced with significant challenges. Management and supervisors must carry out projects that, at times, verge on the impossible and are, to say the least, far from easy.

Of course, without the commitment and support of their employees, they won’t be able to get the job done. I have noticed how important it is to connect with your employees and (to be able) to trust them, particularly in these tempestuous times. The managers and executives who manage to do this, have already won half the battle and are likely to get better results.

In my experience, a company’s standards and values are of paramount importance when it comes to establishing connections and building trust. After all, the employees were chosen on the basis of their expertise, professional attitude and experience during their job interview. So it is safe to assume that someone is, at the very least, ‘fit for the job’.

However, the company values, too, offer a solid foundation for acting ‘in the spirit’ of the company. It is important, therefore, to make sure that these standards and values are preserved in the operational management and that every employee internalises them.

If you, as the manager or executive, fulfil these requirements, then you can look to the future with confidence, knowing that your team will back you up no matter what. My advice, therefore, would be: trust your team.